Earlier this week, I was ‘confronted’ (for a lack of a better word) about posts Ive put on facebook, and my responses to other peoples post on facebook. I immediately told that person, that you cannot control what people post there, nor can you say what is or isnt okay to post.  Neither of us posted anything horrible, and I even had a third party check both of our pages just to make sure we werent ‘in the wrong’.

During this conversation, it was said that I am ‘too negative’ in my facebook presence because I post about my journey thru this most recent lupus flare. Granted, I dont pull any punches on any of my social network site, and I have been posting what I, as well as others, have found informative regarding lupus. I also post alot of racing stuff – and NONE of that is negative. I responded with these facts, as well as the fact that this person doesnt know me outside of how she knows me.

Her response was….and I quote ‘and Im glad about that’

Now, Ive been sitting on a draft of this blog all week….that way the tone of this post would not be so……horrified.

First of all, how does anyone know who you are when you only spend a small portion of the day with you? How does someone know anything about you when you do not share ANY common interests?

And whats with the judgemental-ism based on that?

Those who I consider my REAL friends share interests with me, as well as my family. And ya know what? They are actually flabbergasted that ANYONE would call me a negative person. Those people see me smile because I am enjoying the activity Im involved in. Those people are appreciative of my support as well as knowing that even tho I am feeling rough, Ive still ‘shown up’.

I mean, just because you only see me in pain doesnt mean Im negative. Yea, Im struggling. If I vocalize that, it doesnt mean Im being negative. It just means I need a little more TLC.

Yes, that person (as well as some others) has been removed from the privilege of seeing what I post on facebook now.

And for those of you who know where I got the title to this blog post……Im sure you are smiling.