One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

Someone you need to let go, or wish you didnt know

Wow. Wishing you didnt know someone is harsh, but I can completely understand the idea.

Quite honestly, I wish I didnt know any back-biting, two-faced, self-centered people. Our world is filled with them. We also have an abundance of people who seem to think that they are entitled to well….anything they havent worked for. And we have a world filled with control freaks.

It does seem like they exist only to make our lives miserable. And Im both sickened and sad to see that people like this exist.

There are also people who are so unhappy with their lives that they project their own attitudes onto others.

I would like to wish these people out of our lives.