One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

Someone who made life miserable

Yes, I took a liberty and changed this post title since I dont like profanity on my blog. We hear it and say those words enough, and I dont want them here.


I could go on and on about my first boss (who is deceased now) or about a more recent boss when I worked at the community college who thought I shouldnt take time off to get my daughter allergy shots once a week…..but I will not.

After reading a friends post (who is doing this 30 days of truth challenge with me) I thought….wow. Donna gets it. (See her post: )

It occurred to me, that it is only us, that allow others to treat us badly. If we are having a bad day and someone says or does something that is mean-spirited or heartless, it is up to each one of us, to react how we choose to react.

No one can make your life miserable. It is only your reaction to their actions and attitudes that makes or breaks the situation.

I will no longer feed the spark that others light. I will no longer allow other people to treat me horribly and react like they have some power over me. Yes, I will speak my mind, but I will not choose to allow it to ruin my day.