There are apparently some people in this world who do not want or care to be educated about major illnesses. And while they dont say ‘shut up about lupus’ they DO like to point out that I mention it alot……

So what if you are tired of hearing about lupus, FM, or RA.

  • Do you think I want to wake up every morning feeling like every joint and bone in my body feels like tiny glass shards?
  • Do you think I want to wake up everyday not remembering things you probably take for granted?
  • Do you think my feet like feeling like they are always walking on marbles?
  • Do you think its FUN to be in pain all the time?
  • Do you think I want to be tired just from getting out of bed and getting a shower?

Newsflash: It is not. Dont you think that if ANYONE is tired of lupus, it would be and those who help me out on a day to day basis?

And Im not going to stop posting information about lupus OR how Im doing in my various therapies just to make you happy. Some of my friends are thankful for my honesty and candor. Some of my friends are thankful because they recently found out someone they love has lupus.

And if you happen to be my friend on facebook, or my follower on twitter, or even in my circles on google+ and think I post about my illness too much, you can always unfriend, unfollow, or uncircle. And yea, it might hurt my feelings when I see youre no longer in my stream, but it hurts alot worse to see no compassion.

And…..when the day comes that Im finally back in remission, I WILL remember exactly who my REAL friends were. And everyone else, can suck on my big toe.