Yesterday I posted two blog posts. One was an observatory rant based on things Ive seen online and was a generalization. (See: ) The other, is a different story.

This rant post generated 7 comments that have been since marked as spam. And I changed my commenting system back to moderated. If you had seen the comments, you would understand why.

First, this is MY blog. This is how I choose to vent how I feel and what Im going thru. This isnt a place for someone else to attack me and my family and friends.

As for the content contained in those comments, I will just say a few things and then hopefully this mess will be done.

-This house doesnt belong to you. The rules and expectations for those living in it were made prior to you even being involved with my child. Neither of you could even do the simple things asked, so you were told to leave. Thats a fact.

-The event that you linked to had nothing to do with what you are referring to. That substance was NEVER in my home unless someone else brought it in. And heres another thing, both the adults in this house have had drug tests. And ya know what? Were good. Can you say the same?

-And as for you telling me not to blog about how I felt…..well, thats never gonna happen. Write your own blog and put what you want on that. I never publicized the post that you are tripping out about… whos lurking who? Funny how I get blamed for lurking something when other people I know follow or are facebook friends with her. I was just told what was being posted.

And, if… see THIS post… is only because YOU are lurking US. I removed both of you after we threw you out of here. I dont care  enough about you to stalk you on social media sites.

-And whoopie….youre having surgery. Who pays for that insurance? If youre such the adult, why does your mother and father have to pay for your medical care?

-Munchhausen huh? I would offer to show you my medical records…..all the way back to 1995 when I was diagnosed with lupus, but I wouldnt want you back near my property or us.

Did you know that hospital hopping is a condition of that disease? How many different hospitals have you been to in the last 3 months?

Did you know that 3 members of my boyfriends family have had similar kidney issues and they were NEVER just sent home with a prescription? The multiple people we know that have your specific condition werent even able to sit in their living rooms and play video games all day.

Oh yea, thats right….you got mad because the people who PAY THE BILLS at the house you were staying at decided that you werent gonna hang on the internet all day while we work. And not only that, changed all the settings so your logons wouldnt work.


And finally, this is the last of anything addressing YOU that will happen. Weve downloaded your threats and you WILL be the first person to be named should you think this post or anything else contained in my blog fits under the ‘ if I hear one more thing from you’ and the ever popular ‘and took steps accordingly’ category.

Quite honestly, your life must be pretty empty to comment on my blog and threaten to harrass me in any way.

You can say what you want to say, but you WONT do it here.