Thanks to social media, I see otherwise healthy people complaining about their problems. And while I TRY not minimize what they are going thru, they need to understand there are people worse off. Myself included.

I try to educate people about the issues that I face. Sometimes to NO avail. I have to understand that maybe they are just too lazy to click on links we provide for them that explain our illnesses. I have to understand that maybe they are just too ignorant or just too conceited to think about anyone other than themselves.

And well, other people just have NO heart. They just could care less about what other people go thru. At this point in my life, I have no time to have any compassion for those type of people. There are people that quite honestly do not deserve my time, my effort, or my concern.

And if you are one of those types of people, thats fine. Just leave me and those who do care about me alone. We dont have time for you,  or your latest dramas. We wont take time away from our plans to help you anymore.

Some people may think that is heartless, but you know what? They arent living with what we face day to day.

And if you recognize someone in your life who is POISON to you, cease all contact before their poison infects you. Let them wallow in the shallow that they are. They chose to be that way and you can only do so much. You will never change them.

You waste your time trying.