Today I had the first of 3 Remicade infusions. Thats what Im told anyway.

Due to an unusually high white blood cell count after having an albumin infusion last week, my doctor thought it would be in my best interest (dont you just love when they say that?) that I halt any further albumin infusions and not begin the Benylsta infusions until we have a handle on my amazingly over reactive white blood cells.

Reminder for those who may have forgotten: When you have lupus, your white blood cells not only attack the stuff they are supposed to, but they attack the healthy cells also. That, is what causes inflammation as well as difficulty getting better.

Thats where Remicade comes in. In my case, my doctors are using it as an immuno-suppressent. They believe that todays treatment will kill off approximately 20000 white blood cells. And while I get asked alot of questions, (some I do not know the answers to) I know that my immune system went nuts after the albumin infusion, and for the most part, made it like I didnt get it.

And that is why I spent all of last week feeling so lousy.

So today, I bit the bullet and said goodbye to most of my immune system. I will have to be careful to stay aware from sick people. And me and my Lysol will become very close friends.

But, when you look at the big picture (another phrase used by my doctor) it will allow the other treatments to ‘take’.

And quite honestly, I dont want to waste my time losing time from work and co-pay money for a treatment that wont work, when there is an alternative.