Yea, yea….thats the joke of the day around here. Fun times…..

Welp, I got my first albumin infusion. It went better than expected (except for maybe this horrible headache)

Of course, when I got there, I was told that I had to have IV potassium since my levels were at 2.7. I was informed that I could be hospitalized for levels that low. Ive struggled with maintaining my potassium levels for years (going back as far as 93). I found out today that this is pretty common for those with kidney disease. I gotta say Im a little shocked, since lupus has only recently started attacking my kidneys. I think Im going to have to go digging thru my medical records to see if there was anything….anything I could have noticed. However, hindsight is 20/20 and I probably had other issues then.

Has anyone ever mentioned how horrible IV potassium is? Its cold and hot at the same time. It burns. Im certainly going to try to get those levels up before my next set of labs. Besides, having an IV in each arm…..not fun.

I was informed that I was approved for  Remicade. Its also an infusion (IV) treatment. Its used to treat a variety of things, including Chrohns disease and arthritis. My doctors are basically using it as an immuno-suppresent. I will have to be careful of who Im around, but in the long run, it should help alot with healing whats wrong with me.

Alot of people dont understand lupus. The easiest way to explain it is – its your body being allergic to itself. Your white blood cells that normally attack just the bad stuff….attack everything, including the healthy tissue and cells. Sometimes this can just cause inflammation, and other times, it can set you into a flare. Either way, the immune system is horribly over-active.

And thats where the immuno-suppresent comes in. By suppressing my immune system, my body will have some time to heal…instead of having all the progress Im making just go down the drain.

And, as someone whos been down the flare-remission-flare-remission road many times, I can tell you…..I am willing to try.