There comes a time when you admit that what you WERE doing was wrong. There comes a time when you have to admit that the thing you feared the most (in my case being on medication) WILL happen and you have to face the facts.

I appreciate everyones well wishes….I really do. And I do appreciate those who tell me to ‘snap out of it’.

But what Im dealing with will be a life long struggle. One that I never thought I would have to deal with.

I also appreciate those well meaning people who give me literature on alternative medicine. Ive been there….done that. And I have to admit, for awhile, I actually did think it worked. But, it doesnt. No vitamins, minerals, or any other assorted alternative therapy works.

If it did, I would NOT be in the predicament Im in now. I admit that I was lucky to stay in remission as long as I did while practicing this ‘voodoo medicine’. It was convenient for me to think that I could go medication free with SLE.

But Im sicker than Ive ever been, and this time, there isnt anything but REAL medicine that will help me.

And you know what really sucks? I know that someone is thinking ‘I told you so’.

I dont want to hear that. Even if its true.

You see…nephrotic syndrome and igAn AND lupus isnt just something you can take care of simply by changing your diet and taking things like echinacea. They are serious diseases, that require serious treatments. And they require life style changes for the duration.

Im extremely angry. I was duped. Yea, I still think that ‘big pharma’ sucks and they need to protect those who have to be on medication long term….but ya know what sucks worse? Feeling like youre doing the right thing taking herbal remedies only to be sicker in the long run.