I recently wrote 2 blog posts for which Ive spent several hours clarifying thru twitter replies.

(See: https://sheilafaulstich.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/occupy-baltimore-doesnt-care-about-cancer-victims/ and https://sheilafaulstich.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/the-occupy-movement-and-respect-ha/ )

I was ‘invited’ to the Occupy Baltimore in hopes that my one suggestion will be taken seriously as well as not flamed.

I believe that I may have titled my blog wrong. And I do apologize for that. I was angry after hearing a news story about the pancreatic cancer victims vigil being moved after that group had been issued a permit 6 months ago for the use of McKeldin Square.

Let me again, clarify…..If a group prior to your group was issued a permit to use the space you are using, I think you should vacate the area for that group.

Ive been told by a couple Occupy supporters that you werent aware that another group was issued this permit until afterwards. However, SOMEONE -whether it be the police, or a leader of your group, should be on top of making this fact known.

I have also been told that a charity run shared the space you are using without incident. And while Im glad that this sharing of space was peaceful, I dont believe that a respectful vigil and Occupy Baltimore can do the same. A vigil for victims is not the same.

Now – for my suggestion which Ive alluded to in this post –
Someone from Occupy Baltimore NEEDS to contact someone in the permits office to acquire the dates for when McKeldin has already issued permits to other groups. MAYBE even contact the other group for a solution to either share the area when feasible, or give up the area until the other permitted group is done.

This would alleviate many issues. It would also show that your group DOES care about other groups rights.