Earlier today I wrote a post after I heard about Occupy Baltimore and the Pancreatic Cancer Vigil that was relocated. (https://sheilafaulstich.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/occupy-baltimore-doesnt-care-about-cancer-victims/)

This evening I started getting responses from someone thru twitter

I mean, how one-sided can someone be?

Cant these people see that they are hurting people who struggle just as much as they claim to be?

The one response claiming that Occupy Baltimore got their permit 6 weeks ago is moot. The organizers of the pancreatic cancer victims vigil got theirs 6 MONTHS ago. MONTHS!

This person says she doesnt respect me for writing my blog, and I say…..Who cares? I dont write my blog to gain anyones respect. I write my blog for me. This is a place where I gather MY thoughts about stuff that I see, about stuff I go thru.

And quite honestly, how can I respect someone who thinks camping out on our city streets will mean ANYTHING?

Id much rather respect someone who works (even at McDs) and struggles everyday like I do.

You know whos respect I DO value? Those who see that I could go on disability due to my illness, but instead, choose to drive myself to Baltimore everyday to be a productive member of society.