Stupid lupus. I mean really.

I never thought I would be diagnosed with kidney disease. Stupid lupus.

I mean, yea, I knew it was a possibility. Especially after my last issue. At least I had a somewhat innocuous diagnoses then. And while my treatment was a bit ‘extreme’ in my eyes, I figured this would be the end of that drama.

How could I have been so wrong? How could I have been so blind?

I thought I could give up SOME of my coffee and colas and get better forever.

This go around, I can not afford to be wrong, blind, or in any way ignore what the doctors tell me to do.

You see I just got diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and something called igAn. (Dont do what I did and look them up, it will make you cry.)

Ive got to make some MAJOR changes in my diet. While I know that I MUST make these changes, I have to admit that getting my mind wrapped around them, has bugged me to no end. It may be petty that Im complaining about totally giving up caffeine (esp my beloved coffee) and salt, but I feel like Im losing out.