Everyone knows I love my dirt track racing. But there comes a time when fans and drivers have to put their foot down and teach a racetrack a lesson.

Today, marks the final straw for me.

This weekend was the rescheduled OctoberFest at Hagerstown Speedway. For most, this is the last race they will see until February or March when our tracks reopen after the winter off-season.

Today Hagerstown ran into a complete snafu. Their promoters royally screwed up by obviously not having a plan in place for this event. After three drivers meetings, they decided to cut the features basically in half. A 50 lap sprint feature is now 30 laps and the 100 lap features are now 50 laps. One of the car owners actually stepped up to pay the purse  [Ernie Davis(Josh Richards) car owner] which, is a wonderful thing in one respect, but totally wrong in another.

As a driver or car owner, I would be incensed to have to pay out for the purse. This is the responsibility of the race track – NOT a car owner.

As a fan, paying out $35 for a general admission ticket, I would feel completely ripped off. I mean, this isnt a regular race. OctoberFest is an event. Besides, if you pay to see a 100 lapper, you should see a 100 lapper. If you pay to see a 50 lapper, you should see a 50 lapper.

Fans and drivers and car owners alike should complain to those at the track. Tell them straight out that mismanagement is one of the reasons the stands arent filled to capacity and the car counts suffer.

I used to go to Hagerstown. I grew tired of watching 4 push trucks managing 20+ sprint cars, terrible food, my friends having to purchase their beverages, and idiot fans standing the entire race thinking they were at a Napcar race. And after todays complete farce, I will NEVER go back. NEVER. I dont care whos running there. I dont care if every other track closes. We will NOT be paying out our hard earned money to a racetrack that just doesnt get it.