This week, McDonalds announced that it was once again going to cater to the food police.


First, if anyone who reads this post believes that going to McDonalds is nutritious, PLEASE let me know! If you expect nutrition in your meals, stop going to to fast food joints! Prepare your meals at home! Stop destroying our junk food!

How many french fries do they think someone gets in a Happy Meal? They are planning to halve the serving size? What is that equal to? Like 6 fries? The food police have already destroyed the taste of fast food french fries as it is, now they want to give us less for our money?

Where are those lawmakers correlating Happy Meal toys and obesity? Im something like 115 pounds and 5-4 and Ive ate my share of  Happy Meals. When my children were younger, they also ate Happy Meals and enjoyed the toys (when they were good ones, anyway) and they arent obese either.

The inclusion of fruit is ridiculous in a Happy Meal. If parents want their children to eat healthier, its as simple as NOT going to McDonalds. I feel similarly regarding the option of milk. If you want to drink milk, McDonalds shouldnt be the place to get it. And while Im on the subject of milk at McDonalds, why cant you get regular milk? Whats this crap about only having 2% or 1%?

The above linked article states:  “McDonald’s has long offered parents the option of asking for fruit rather than fries, although a study by Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity found that only 11 percent took advantage of that option.”

Thats right – just 11% of parents requested a healthier option! So how is this change in the menu justified? And yet, even with this non-justifiable change, the food police STILL arent satisfied? They want more to be done to limit soda consumption? Wheres the study on how many parents do not choose soda for their children when ordering a Happy Meal?

In the next paragraph down from the quote, it is admitted that by adding fruit slices to the Happy Meal actually INCREASES the amount of sugar in the meal. Okay, food police……wheres the concerns regarding THAT?

It seems like my options are dwindling because of these people. If you choose to eat at these establishments, or ingest junk food, shouldnt it be the responsibility of the person choosing those foods to determine their intake? Shouldnt it be my own personal responsibility to eat healthy or not?