Well, here we are….its been over a month since Ive blogged. This time, I am a current resident of the monster, and a former resident of the burg.

Since our move at the beginning of May, we have been extra-ordinarily busy. It has been surreal, to say the least. I never realized just how much ‘stuff’ I had. I finally got to the point where my kitchen is fully unpacked and what fits in my living room has been unpacked. The highlight of my unpacking was finding my sprint car magnets for my fridge. I just unpacked my books this past weekend, so now it feels more like home.

Our first couple weeks we had to concentrate on an ant apocalypse. It seems like no matter where I move, we are plagued by them. After two complete sprays around the outside of the house and two inside, as well as some spot treatments I think we have it under control. I know Im going to regret saying this, but I havent seen an ant in almost two weeks.

We have also spent a considerable amount of time clearing the yard. The grass was almost waist high in some spots and because of that, ticks were an issue. We also sprayed the perimeter and bottom of all the tree trucks with a treatment specifically made for just that. Since getting ahold on the lawn and a good bit of the stuff we cut out, we have seen less of those also.

Ive spent three weekends getting two of the gardens the way I like them for now. Ive cleared briar and apparently poison oak. Luckily I was wearing pants and long sleeves, even tho I pushed the arms up to my elbows….which…..yep, is where my poison oak was.

After all this hard work, we took Saturday evening and made a campfire in the backyard. Mmm smores!


And people wonder why I moved to the country?