I see that its been since January since Ive blogged…..and there is a good reason for that!

Well mid-January we up and decided that $1100 is way too much for rent. We moved to Eldersburg the winter of 2007 and never expected to stay here as long as we did.

So, we started looking at less-expensive places to rent. We did look at one apartment that was nicely kept up, but during the course of our conversation, the owner mentioned something about foreclosure listings, and that got our heads spinning at the thought.

After about 2 days of deliberating on the idea, I called a former schoolmate of mine, who is a realtor, who started the ball rolling. We were pre-approved and started looking at listings. After some disappointments (like the house in Manchester with the central vacuum system that already had a contract on it) we finally found the house.

So, we made the offer and the sellers accepted. Ever since, we have been busy bees getting all the things done for settlement, including the dreaded packing. However, this time around, Ive found a mover. (yes, seriously) I no longer need to find a truck to rent, or have to find out which of our friends is healthy enough to move all of our stuff, which is a HUGE relief.

So, without further ado…..here is the house were moving into on May 2nd – Its located in West-monster (thats Westminster for those who dont know) Its a Cape Cod style house (the type of house Ive ALWAYS wanted to live in)