There is an executive order standing in the way of my daughters 21st birthday.

Here is a link to the Executive Order that was signed by MDs Governor:

What this means for me is that on Thursday, December 30th the MVA is closed. What this also means is that my daughter, who turns 21 on Thursday, cannot get her identification changed.

The MVA doesnt reopen until Monday, January 3rd. This means her 21st birthday cannot be celebrated accordingly, as well as her New Years Eve plans may fall thru because her photo is obviously still a profile, and I cant blame any establishment for not wanting to take a chance.

Granted, someone wanting to go out for their big birthday or for New Years Eve might not sound all that important to you. But its still a rite of passage for most, even if they dont drink. BUT that isnt the point….

My daughter asked if she could get her 21st id right then and they refused to do so, stating their computers wouldnt let them do this.

So now, I ask these questions

  • What if you had tags that were going to expire on the 31st, and decided -hey, Ill go Thursday to get my tags.
  • What if you had a license that was going to expire on the 31st and decided -hey, Ill go Thursday to get it renewed.

Ive been informed that there are built in exemptions that somehow allow for the two examples Ive provided. But there is no exemption for someone who wants to celebrate with friends or family for their 21st birthday and New Years Eve?


(Note: my daughter has called a few places who claim she can bring her id and birth certificate and she will be let in. First-I dont want to bring that document to the MVA let alone out amongst the public. Second-Ill have to update you on her success. Shes beautiful, so thats a bonus)