Several years ago (almost 15) I adopted a family…..well, not legally of course, but we sorta attached ourselves to each other in similar ways that real families do.

What I gained from this family was truly the experience I have been missing out on, until I made the mistake of introducing them to my boyfriends parents. I dont mind that they got along, and chatted amongst themselves when gathered at my house for my childrens birthday parties. In fact, I welcomed it because I was doing other things and could not entertain them myself.

The mistake was that they got themselves invited down to our ‘oasis’ of sorts. Next thing we know, every single event that occurs, my boyfriends parents are there.

This irks me to no end…..I mean, first, why do they want to interfere in our lives to the point where I feel that I can no longer be relaxed amongst my friends? Secondly, dont they understand that these people are who I consider my family?

What irks me even more is that when we called my friends to explain why we werent going down there, they cannot understand why we dont want to see my boyfriends family every time we go down there. I now feel like theyve chosen to remain friends with his parents and ignore us.

Quite honestly, Im incredibly upset about this. I feel as though our feelings should be understood and with the exception of the upcoming event, be honored. Not everyone is thrilled by seeing people you quite honestly dont have anything in common with being involved in events that shouldnt even be known to them.

And Im more than a little upset about the fact that his parents USED to go out on New Years Eve, but now just have to be where we spend ours….yea, thanks for ruining MY FAMILYS tradition. Just keep overstepping those bounds over and over and over…….and keep wondering why my children and I dont like you people!

And to my friends who I considered family…..thats ok. You have every right to invite whoever you want to your house, but I wont be attending anything else that obviously requires parental chaperones.