A representative from Michigan (Candice Miller (R)) wants Eric Holder to shut down wikileaks and calls Assange a terrorist:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6JdQWli8jQ

I sometimes wonder where the sanity of my fellow American citizens lies. Lately, it seems like less and less people are sane. In what world does the word terrorist come to mean the ever changing definitions it has become?

So far, terrorist has encompassed everyone who disagrees with a current administration, someone who doesnt want to pose for nudie pics in the airports, someone who is too modest to allow a stranger to feel them up, someone who reads conspiracy theories, and now wikileaks.

When will this idiocy end?

Anyway, Ive been reading thru comments made pertaining to the most recent wikileaks controversy. And Im completely flabbergasted by what I see.  Whats even more perplexing is that this isnt just coming from one party……its an equal opportunity terror watch!

It is blazingly apparent that our government (and military in some instances) are not doing what we are told they are doing. Prior to this more recent wikileaks controversy, a video of several military soldiers were filmed shooting at innocent people in the middle east. As a private citizen, I was appalled to see our United States military using innocent people as target practice. How many of us knew THAT was happening? Not me.

And now, a PFC has joined ‘forces’ with Assange to release additional documents that apparently bring light to more wrong-doings and what-have-you……and what is the message our representatives want us to know? Its not that our government should be sorry for doing wrong…..its that the people involved with exposing this are terrorists.


Didnt our President campaign on the issue of TRANSPARENCY? How is it transparent to demand the administration to take down this website?

You DO realize that we wouldnt need a site like wikileaks if our mainstream media (news outlets) really did some research.