When I was little, my grandfather would drive to Florida in 2 or 3 days, we would stay in Disney for a weekend, sometimes go to Key West – sometimes that circus place where you could learn the tightrope, and drive back. We started flying to Florida when I was about 9, mostly due to the stress it did to my aging grandfather. We were also able to spend 2 more days in Disney, which to us, was a fantastic idea.

I admit that I never was comfortable with the entire aspect of flying. I never understood it, let alone liked all that waiting around. Ive only flown on Eastern Airlines. I remember the stewardess gave all the kids wing pins. We werent allowed to ask for a tour of the cockpit, because my grandmother thought we would get sucked out somewhere between our seats and the front of the plane.

We had flown down and back a couple of years without anything ‘happening’ – By this, we are talking about the late 70s, our biggest fear aside from the plane crashing was for it to be hijacked. Even I at age 8 or 9 understood what that was….Nowadays, the hijackings that occurred in the 70s would be a cakewalk.

but, anyways…..

The last time I flew I was 11 or 12. We had to cut our vacation short because of the air traffic controllers strike. That itself was miserable….I wont even tell you how horrible it was to hang at the airport for hours waiting for a flight back for all of us….Remember, I was young. We finally got a flight, eventually boarded, and took off.

Someone (probably the pilot) announced we had some weather. I dont remember him saying much else, except to fasten our seatbelts, which – were still buckled from when we boarded. I have since learned that the feeling I have described was hitting an air pocket. All I know is that it felt like we had fallen out of the sky. This was scary enough, but I look over and my father is praying. Hands folded – head down – eyes closed.

Now, most of you wouldnt think of this as odd. However, my father didnt go to church. Well, other than marriages and baptisms. My father NEVER prayed. To see him praying while it felt like our plane was falling out of the sky completely freaked me out.

Obviously, we landed without incident. After we arrived home, I vowed to never fly again.

That was probably 1981. (I dont feel like looking up airline traffic controller strikes)

Since 1981 alot has happened. Terrorism and the pitfalls that our government has created now fill our headlines.

Im sure by now we all have heard the stories about the lady with breast cancer who had a prosthesis getting manhandled, the man who had urine spilled because a TSA agent mishandled his medical bag, the child who was groped……the almost pornographic pictures of the scans being leaked online. Im sure that by the time I finish this post, more stories about how airport screening has become a nightmare.

Its all a vicious cycle for those who choose to fly (or have to fly for work). Would you rather have these pics taken of you or would you rather be groped by a stranger?

So this week, theres supposed to be an National Opt out Day. I expect long lines to be manhandled (or womanhandled) and peoples anger to rise. Not only will these people be angry about waiting in line, but touch em the wrong way, and I can imagine the reactions.

Now, I still havent flown. And I still wont.

I will not walk thru these scanners. I will not have any stranger look at my body. I dont care what their purpose is.

I will not allow a stranger to touch me. Not only will you NOT touch me, you will NOT touch me there, there, there or there. I am proud to say that other than a select few, the only other people to touch me have been medically trained physicians. And even with them, there is a line of things that I will NOT allow even them to do.

Would you walk up to someone and start groping them? Wouldnt you expect to get clobbered?

Even tho my children are now grown, I would have never let ANYONE touch my child! You do realize that we teach our children to not allow touching there? We put perverts in jail and on a registry that tells everyone how pervy they are for touching children like this. So, please, tell me why I would allow it at the airport? What about the cases of children who are previously traumatized?

You can all tell me its supposed to make us safer, but honestly, you have to realize that terrorists can now use implanted devices that these…uh….airport screening ‘techniques’ wouldnt find. How do we screen for that?

Where does it end? What is invasive enough?

You shouldnt have to give up your modesty in order to travel on a plane.