I have to say that I wasnt prepared to blog today. However, after further thought, I had to speak my mind about the following news article.


Go ahead, read it. Its a short one. This wont be a post about legalization…..This is more like….say what?

I have two issues with this article. Can you guess what they are?

You dont have to live in LA to see the personal agendas of the police in this area. While the legalization of marajuana may never be what either side of the argument wants……there is much wrong about the following line in the above linked article

“Sheriff Lee Baca opposes the proposition and has said he will continue to arrest marijuana growers even if it is approved”

I can understand that this Sheriff opposes the proposition, but if this is approved, why would he continue to arrest growers if said legalization is approved? What type of potential problems do you see happening in our court system once those cases get to court? The personal agenda of this Sheriff could potentially create a tremendous backlog of court cases as well as the added expense to a city that cannot afford to waste the taxpayers money.

Heres my second point regarding this article: How does a parent check their Halloween candy for weed? Is there an odor? Is there a change in appearance of the candy? Are we supposed to take our bags to our local police department so drug sniffing dogs can check it for us?

And now for my smart aleck comment: How does a parent interpret that their child is ‘high’ off weed laced candy? Will the normal childish antics of over indulgence in Halloween candy send thousands of parents into a panic?