Yea, I just made up that category of movie šŸ™‚

I am not the same person that I was when I was…….lets make it 15. Well, basically Im the same person….but, I dont have the same interests, circle of friends, or outlook on life.

I guess you could say that I was naive. I never really ‘wanted’ to get married…granted, when I did – I absolutely thought it would last forever.

And there in lies the problem. You see, even tho I have never been a sap, I have enjoyed what you call a romatic comedy. When Harry Met Sally would fit in that category, but so would Jerry Maguire. Either way you look at it, these movies have moments that EVERY ONE of us would love to be on the receiving end of…..

  • Who wouldnt want to have been told that they complete someone?
  • Who wouldnt want to be serenaded or even have a guy hold a boombox outside our window?

I could go on…..but it is moments like this as well as the dialogue presented that makes our lives seem like we are missing something. We watch these movies and then compare our situations and conversations with what we have seen and heard onscreen. This is not fair to the significant others in our lives.

How many of us have broken off relationships because they didnt measure up to someone in a movie?

Before you laugh at such a question, think about how high you set the ‘bar’ and what you expect your significant other to measure up to. And then when they inevitably arent ‘that’ – we go break up with them…

Its only after you realize the error of your ways, that you can truly change your behavior. We do not live within the confines of a movie studio, nor is someone writing our lines for us – we live in the real world, where people make mistakes and say the wrong things.

If I had a wish….it would be for my true love to have his lines written by the same people who write for Ben Affleck. Now, that man gets some good ones! (Watch Chasing Amy or Forces of Nature for the best ones!)