Lets be honest….I started out liking Sarah Palin when she was chosen to run as the republican vice-presidential running mate of John McCain. As a conservative, she sort-of ‘legitimized’ the republican ticket….beings that McCain is more of what you would call, a rino (republican in name only). The first thing I can say that I still respect her for is that she is pro-life. She had the opportunity to abort a child that knowingly would be born with Down Syndrome, but carried him to term despite this knowledge.

However, soon thereafter came warning signs that she was not what we thought she was.

Granted, during the campaign, most of what was picked on were purely political attacks….to which I can only say, SOMEONE – ANYONE should have worked with her regarding the media. Im sure that part of her problems now could have been nipped in the bud W-A-Y back then, because she certainly hasnt improved in this arena. (writing on her hand, not responding directly to questions)

One of the biggest issues I have with Sarah Palin is that she quit midway thru her term as Governor of Alaska. Now, today I had a disagreement with someone I know personally, because apparently the words I should have used is Palin resigned….HOWEVER, the fact remains that her constituents elected her to serve a term, which is 4 years – and she only served 2. She resigned on her own accord. She is no longer the Governor of Alaska, is she? Therefore, it doesnt matter what you call it, she choose to walk away from this responsibility.

This is the snarky comment I posted that led to the conversation: http://twitter.com/sfaulstich/status/22364956559

And here is the definition of quit on dictionary.com:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/quit You will notice that the 3rd one on the list mentions resign 🙂

I am sorry to say, that during the conversation/debate it was stated that my argument was a democratic argument…..which completely perplexed me. Anyone who knows me (which they do) knows that I do not argue on a partisan level. I hate that crap!

And this leads right into my other problem with Palin….and well Glenn Beck. Both have inserted themselves into the tea party rally crowd as well as this odd new type of rally that is popping up.

The original tea party rallies were held over a decade ago by true non-partisan, independent, (do I need more adjectives?) people who were fed up with how big our government was getting and the fact that our freedoms were being taken, little by little. Most conservatives call these people hippies or liberals (or even worse). Most of the founding tea party activists are now with organizations like We Are Change and are leading the 9/11 truth movement these days. Today the non-partisan movement that is known as the tea parties, is filled with so-called conservatives and followers of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

The tea parties and rallies that figures like Glenn Beck are leading, bring in those who have a partisan political agenda. There is no way for someone who is truly non-partisan and Taxed Enough Already to feel comfortable in that type of setting.

However, just what was Becks rally supposed to do? You have people who could be actually working for a viable candidate by knocking on doors, sign-waving, or making phone calls standing in the grass in the middle of DC……Way to go ralliers! You certainly showed the country just how active and participatory you can be!!!

Oh, and one more thing……Im not gonna stop calling em like I see em because she endorsed a candidate I also prefer. (Re: Murphy for Gov) That isnt the correct reason to like or respect anyone!

On the contrary, many people probably will overlook this candidate because of her endorsement. If you dont believe that there is a true conservative backlash to Sarah Palin, you havent been paying attention.

I just ask that you really look into who you are defending and see where people are coming from. This woman has inserted herself into situations that she doesnt need to. Her comments make no sense sometimes and make her look foolish. This is not a partisan statement. This is fact.