A mosque is to be built near Ground Zero in Manhatten….and wouldnt ya know it?  Theres controversy.

Of course, theres controversy…..

Aside from some of the snarky comments Ive read, most of the reactions are just downright rude and disrespectful.

Wheres YOUR tolerance?

Heres two points to consider:

*  Ya know, if they would have rebuilt those towers (in defiance to the terrorists or whether to keep the economy going) we wouldnt be having ANY issues with any type of building in Manhatten.

*  You cannot lean on our Constitution only when it agrees with what YOU agree with! If it says ‘freedom of religion’ thats what it means. Not everyone in our country has the same religion, nor can many of the same denomination agree on social issues…..so get off our so-called high horse!

Ive said it in earlier posts, and Ill repeat it here: ALL RELIGIONS HAVE RADICALS

No matter who or what you choose to worship…..or in some of you, choose NOT to worship, isnt this America – where we are ALL supposed to be free? No matter if youre still waiting for your messiah, waiting for Jesus’ return, or waiting for nothing……we all should be able to do so freely without fear of persecution…..does this sound familiar?

Nowhere have I seen it written, that freedom of religion only pertains to those you agree with.