Yesterday I was plagerized for the first time.

Without giving any more attention to the blog that did this, I responded by tweeting to that person, as well as some of my friends attempted to inform this ‘blogger’ what plagerism is, and the blog in question was removed.

This thief then attempted to explain to me, that what I read wasnt plagerism….but I certainly beg to differ.

So, heres what I consider plagerism:

* If my blog post is copy-pasted (I dont care if you claim its an RSS feed) and I have to click “Read more” to see my original post, its plagerism.

* If your blog features other peoples work, without trackbacks to the orginal blog, its plagerism.

* If you do not post on your site, that you have used RSS feeds to create your content, its plagerism.

Im glad that people outside of my circle of friends have read my blog. That is appreciated. To say otherwise, would be a lie. However, if you like what Ive posted, post a comment….do not take my content/my opinions and give the impression that they are your own.

If you disagree with what Ive posted, post a comment as well. Or, better yet, post your own ‘take’ and include a link to my original post (this creates a trackback).

Its called courtesy and it shows that you have journalistic integrity.

I should not have to call you out on twitter and facebook in order to show you what this means.

And honestly, your claim of featuring my RSS feed on your blog is bulloney. If this was so, this would not be the first time I have seen my blog title other than on my own site.

Your other claim that you were ‘only trying to give my blog attention’ is also a load of crap. My ego is not that big that I dont care where my blog is copied to – and that I dont care as long as its read.

If you cant abide by simple common courtesy, Id rather not have you read OR share my take.

And Im sure the reason you cannot begin to understand why Im angry about this, is that NONE of what you posted on what you call your blog is original content that you have worked hard on!