As someone who maintains an active social media presence, there is something that is absolutely making me scratch my head in wonder…..

and that is…..All the outrage at facebook over privacy.

If you are around computers as much as I am, you have probably been online at least a decade….(some of us a couple) In that time, have you ever:

  • commented on a blog
  • posted on a forum / message board
  • ever had an AOL webpage or account
  • chatted on any type of Instant Messenger
  • chatted in a chat room / chattedĀ using IRC clients
  • chatted via yahoo chat room hosted online
  • have a Classmates / Reunion website profile
  • sold items on ebay / craigslist
  • posted on freecycle type site
  • posted a comment on an online newspaper article
  • had a youtube account
  • had a hulu / netflix account
  • had a blog / tumbler account
  • had a flicker / photo sharing account
  • had a myspace / facebook account
  • had a twitter / friendfeed account
  • had a linkedin profile
  • have a skype account

Im sure you get the drift by now – so I will stop.

Im sure most of us have been told that if you are going to post or say something, make sure its something you are fine with the entire world knowing. This is the exact rule of what goes on the internet. If you dont want people knowing it, dont post it.

With every profile / account you make, the more information about you the internet knows.

So if you dont want the world knowing that you watch Rocky Horror Picture Show and do the Time Warp at the drop of a hat, dont put it out there. Unfortunately (for my friends) they know this information first hand…..

So, before you go deleting your facebook account (which-by the way-doesnt solve your internet privacy woes) think about how much of you is on the internet already. If you get real, you will realize why I scratch my head now.

Now…… you still want to delete your facebook account?