Television shows may come and go….but Lost will always be a show that broke new ground. The writers crafted fantastic stories that we hung onto for 6 long seasons. This show not only brought science fiction to the masses, but it also contained heavy references to classical literature and theology. For a show like this to continuously be successful has to be some sort of miracle with todays lazy television viewers.

Lost also did something else that no show prior has been able to do….make sedentary viewers become Super-fans and be ‘part’ of the show. There are fan sites, forums, recap sites, blogs, theory sites, book sites, podcasts….you name it! For the first few years, there were even ARGs (alternate reality games) that seemingly brought us Super-fans into a tighter community figuring out the answers and beginning their theories.

You see, Lost didnt end once the credits rolled for many of us. We would write recaps/blogs or go to a chat room – Some would create their own podcast recap shows and share theories and even spoilers. We even have video podcasts that are real time thanks to sites like ustream. Not only are Losties mourning the end to our favorite show, we are mourning our community. Yes, we will be keeping touch with some of them, but unless Im mistaken, Lost has been the only show on tv that has created anything of this magnitude.

….but, Im not going to lie….I didnt start watching Lost until midway thru Season 3. I was laid up in bed and bored beyond words….. As a matter of fact, I didnt see the point in watching a Castaway story and watched a show that aired against Lost. I was immediately taken in by the Pilot episode and didnt stop until I had caught up.


You see, Lost captivates us….on almost every level. Which it is supposed to do….

Our first two THEMES of Lost is Locke explaning backgammon to Walt. A game. Black vs White-Good Vs Bad

We are surrounded by water, which represents an additional THEME – spirituality. While Lost doesnt specifically mention religion OR spirituality directly – the characters storylines and the redemption and changes that their characters display while on the island clearly represent this.

Without recapping the entire series or the finale itself – what I am seeing in many Lost fans is more than likely a simple mis-understanding with the mythological understanding OR with the overall science fiction aspects. And….even with the open ended-ness of many of our Losties that werent in the alt/waystation church, we can see clear answers to some of your questions.

We can safely say, that after hearing Christian Shepard speaking with Jack Shepard in the church, our time with the Losties on the island was real. Each character who survived the initial Oceanic Flight 815 crash did actually survive….and did, in fact, go thru everything we saw them go thru on the island.

It was the sideways/alt timeline that was not real. Christian explains this in very simple terms, but if you rewatch that exchange in the church, you will hear him tell Jack exactly that. Our castaways created this timeline in order to deal with their character flaws, and of course, to find each other. This can be explained by our remaining candidates conversation with Jacob at the campfire before Jack becomes the interim Jacob.

Each of our castaways was not the same in the alt timeline….with the most drastic change being Jack Shepard having a teenage son. What is noticeable with this example, is that ALL the issues that Jack had with his father, Christian, are being worked out with the Jack/David relationship. Jack Shepard also has entered into this alt timeline with his “death scars”. These scars are explained away by Jacks mother to Jack who obviously has no memory of the events his mother is talking about….

We also have many moments of mirroring…..not only with characters re-living out island storylines in a different manner, but with characters seeing themselves in an actual mirror. What we take away from this along with all other knowledge given to us in the series finale, is that our alt timeline is a (I hate to use this word) purgatory.

This timeline is loosely based on a belief based in Buddism that when you die, you go to a way-station of sorts to work out all the stuff you went thru during your life and that involves everyone who was involved in those situations. What is also interesting is the role that the mirror played in our characters awareness. Its seems as if the mirror was supposed to show our Losties that they are physically and spiritually disconnected.

I would love to speak with a cinematographer <sp?> about how this series was shot. With every rewatch, I notice more and more subtle clues as to where the storyline (along with the mythology) is going. Lost was filmed brilliantly!

Lost may have answered many questions we wanted answered, but more importantly, Lost left us – the online community – with the ability to continue theorizing our own answers to the mysteries of the island. And I beleive that is what the Legacy of Lost will be remembered for most of all.