As a conspiracy theory ‘fan’ I can admit that I read and listen to many peoples views. You cant say conspiracy theory without thinking about many of its mouthpieces…..

I get alot of flack for listening to Alex Jones….and well, my belief is that, you have to watch out for whoever you listen to, and you have to double check what all of them have said. Of course, the same can be said for whats on the main stream media as well.

Anyway, a little while back, one of my friends on facebook posted a video of Alex Jones intruding on a gun rally/protest in Texas… that he was actually invited to speak at – which is why I am so perplexed at what Alex did at this protest.

I invite you to look at the footage that was shot at this protest (from both sides of course) and really think about whats going on.

Now, anyone can go to a protest for whatever they choose….and well, there is no way to know for sure what occurred at this one, but it seems to me that Alex wanted to take over this protest for his own gain. He ignores and mocks those who tell him that he is invited to speak on the stage, as well as those who tell him they are fans of his.

He calls almost everyone there a ‘provacateur’ which Im pretty sure isnt the case. From other footage Ive seen online, this protest/rally was pretty organized as well as attended, by those who would follow Alex Jones.

Honestly Alex, what were you attempting to accomplish?