I HAVE to do this blog…Its a long one, so sit back, read on, and be amazed. There are six videos embedded with comments. http://www.infowars.com/footage-from-the-original-1997-tea-party-protests/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

I know Ill probably take heat on this one, specifically from my conservative friends. But Im sorry, I am not in love with Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin….Im tired of all the fascination already. They can do no wrong in most of the GOPs eyes. I respect them both for differing reasons, but they have faults….and Im tired of everyone acting like they need to bow down before these people.

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The ORIGINAL Tea Party was THIS:
Firstly, I stand corrected when I say that I researched the first “Tea Party” and it was not in 2000-01 as I previously stated. It was earlier – 1998. And for all those who are bandwaggon tea partiers….do you realize who your ‘…leader’ was? It was Alex Jones….yep, for all those that dog me because I peruse his website….including my conservative friends….You will see how small this movement was back then, as well as the fact that it was basically ran by unknowns outside of Texas. It was only recently that the GOP joined in and well Im sure you all know the rest….Glenn Becks involvement – Sarah Palins involvement…..and how those who have seen it grow can literally claim that while the movement has grown, it has been taken over.


Here are clips from the Tea Party Convention – Sarah Palins remarks (with my observations)

Pt 1
My observations: So Sarah Palin takes one minute by beating it thru our heads that shes proud to be American….most of us are. This is a time waster in my opinion. We hear about Scott Brown…honestly? Hes already gone back on several campaign promises. Enough! Im tired of hearing that BHO is blaming GWB….whatever! Shes coming off pretty cocky. Around 8:00 minutes in we hear the ‘charasmatic man with a teleprompter’ bit. That doesnt sound like she was joking to me.

Pt 2
My observations: At 3:50 minutes in, we hear the ‘we need a Commander in Chief, not a Professor of Law’ bit. Honestly? Is this necessary? At 5:00 minutes in, Sarah Palin actually states that Alaska is the beacon of hope. When did this happen? Its the first Ive heard of this one! At 7:30 in, she mentions sanctions. As a level headed person, I realize sanctions only hurt the citizens of whatever country they are used. Their leaders do not care. This only gives them more fuel to hate us. Learn this! Near the end of this clip, Sarah Palin actually attempts to blame the bailout on BHO…uh….this is a boo-boo the GWB administration did.


Pt 3
My observations: Leg-is-slate-tors? Odd pronunciation there. At 2:00 minutes in she mocks the Hope and Change campaign theme…..rather bad. Hopey-Changey? Is she two? She also speaks about a campaign promise of BHOs that bills wouldnt be up for vote until the citizens could read them…Im miffed about this and Im disappointed, HOWEVER, our legislators could have refused to vote on this. There was NO RUSH. Lets put the blame where it needs to be.

Pt 4
My observations: Sarah Palin mentions at about 5:00 minutes in that you do not need an office or title to make a difference…and while this is true, I guess she needed a clause to make millions in speaking fees. (she did give it back in this case, but come on) And then, she states that The Tea Party (those at this convention) are the loyal opposition….I beg to differ. Not everyone who attended was there to oppose BHO or the democratic party. I know democrats who were there who were upset. At 8:20 she talks about marginalizing….and I beg to differ here as well….It is a takeover of a movement that marginalizes citizens involved in movements.

Pt 5
These were her closing remarks. Nothing special to observe on my part.