So Lost fans waited several months to finally be able to watch the first episodes of the Final season….and what a way to have it begin! As I rewatched Part 1 and watched Part 2 last night, I started a tally of questions that we now have answers for….So without further ado

Part 1 Answers

1-Did the Losties survive the hydrogen bomb? Yes
2-Will our Losties remember the island if their theory is correct? It seems as tho Jack remembers ‘something’ (Desmond as well as the look he gives when he looks in the airplane mirror)
3-Does Juliet make it? Initially, yes
4-Is John Locke really dead? Yes
5-Is Jacob really dead? Yes (Jacob tells Hurley he was murdered)
6-What is the circle of ash that surrounds Jacobs cabin? It protects whats in it from the MIB/smoke monster
7-What/who is the smoke monster? NotLockeMIB is the smoke monster

Observations from Part 1
It seems as though we have some recycled scenes, so to speak. Many parallels can be found between the original timeline and this/these timelines. (Example: Jinn telling Sun to button up / Jack saving Charlie (again) / Kate is in a tree similar to how Bernard was found)

There are many more – Ive just listed a couple.

Part 2 Answers

1-What is in the temple? tunnels, spring, the ‘others’
2-Was Jack correct in attempting to blow up the bomb? Juliet says yes (in death to Miles)
3-Whats in the guitar case? ankh and scroll
4-What exactly happened to Ben in the temple after Sayid shot him? He was healed in the spring
5-What happened to Zach and Emma? They are living with the others in the temple
6-Will we see Claire again? yes we did
7-What does the MIB/smoke monster want? to go home
8-Who is Richard? He was a slave on the Black Rock
9-Who is the MIB? He was either the captain of the Black Rock (making him a Hanso) or he was the owner of the slaves on the Black Rock

Observations from Part 2
We see more correlations from our original crash timeline. The best example is how the marshall was knocked in the head during Oceanics crash – in this timeline, Kate hits him and makes a similar wound while escaping in the airport.

I hope this helps some of my fellow Lost fans….and they rewatch these episodes with some of these ideas on their minds…Enjoy the ride Losties!