I was able to see a stream from the beach last night for the Season 6 premiere…and since Im a ‘sucker’ for spoilers, you know I HAD to watch!

Anyway, thanks to the internet (once again) I am able to watch my favorite shows….before they air on network television. I was able to watch the premiere with 3800 people who werent able to get to Hawaii 🙂

And because I have to put my thoughts SOMEWHERE….I have to say, if you do NOT want to be spoiled…do not read further! BIG SPOILER ALERT!!

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Im not going to put EVERYTHING that was in the episode, but I will be disecting what I havent been able to put out of my head. What confused me is that it appears we have two timelines occurring.

The episode opens with Jack on Oceanic 815. Jack receives a bottle of liquor from the flight attendant (her name escapes me right now) but in this instance, he only receives one instead of two) He speaks with Rose and when the plane seems like its gonna crash, Rose tells him he can let go now. The flight doesnt crash and we see Bernard return to his seat. Jack speaks to Desmond (who wasnt originally on the flight).

We see Dr Artz speaking with Hurley – which reminded me about the episode where he gets blown up (all over Hurley). Sawyer overhears Hurley and Dr Artz discussing his lottery winnings (which makes me think hes gonna run a con on him)

We find out the reason why Charlie didnt run thru the aisle when Jack and Rose are talking….he is choking on a baggie of heroin. Jack saves his life. When they ‘arrest’ him, Charlie tells him that he was SUPPOSED to die. (how true is that one?)

Boone is back! Shannon isnt with him….Locke and Boone talk about the Walkabout (I had to holler LIAR to Locke).

We also pick up the beach people (Lapidus and Sun are amongst them). We see Locke is dead. We also see what happens in the foot statue once Jacob is dead and Ben returns with Bram….I will only say this: I LOVE not-Lockes quote to Ben…”Im Sorry you had to see me like this” which yay me, because I was partly right about that smoke monster business!


Granted, both timelines are shown in a more confusing way, but I wanted to get that much out before I got into the bizarre second timeline.

We see Kate hanging from a tree…We also see Jack, Sawyer, Jinn, Hurley and Sayid (whos been bleeding from the gunshot wound). Sawyer is really angry at Jack because it didnt work! They are still there!

Hurley gets a visit from Jacob who tells him he can bring Sayid back and instructs him what to do….he says Jinn will know.

Kate vaguely hears a noise…Its Juliet from that really long tunnel into the ground. After pulling off the stuff piled up, Sawyer goes down to get her. She dies in his arms.

You can tell that Sawyer is extremely mad at Jack. If looks could kill…..

The episode ends with Oceanic 815 landing and the passengers getting off the plane….and yep, Locke is still in the wheelchair.