It is almost fitting that I watched this after blogging on “crony capitalism”….heres a link to that blog, in case you missed it:

I intentionally waited to see Michael Moores movie “Capitalism-A Love Story” because of all the ‘hype’ surrounding it. I mean, when this documentary first came out conservatives wanted his head on a platter (probably still do) and liberals applauded his effort. At that time, there was NO way anyone could have watched it with an open mind. So this afternoon, I watched it…a little over a year after its release.

I can honestly say that this was not at all what I expected. Granted, Michael Moore may be confused about exactly what Capitalism is. What he describes in his film is mainly the “crony capitalism” that John Stossell addessed on his show.

There are varying degrees of truths and untruths in this film, but most of that has to deal with Moores apparent disdain for conservatives (Republicans). He does not come out and say it directly, but it is referred to.

One of my issues with capitalism is the corruption and greed. Moore is correct on this issue. The rich just cant get enough money…..and it seems as if they worship the very Federal Reserve that prints it. However, Im not going to become an activist for the socialist movement either.

I was raised to beleive that if you work hard and make good choices with your finances, you can and will acheive what you strive for. If you choose to be lazy and take handouts, you will always remain poor. My hard work and the money I earn should not go to someone who wont pull their own weight.

Moore interviews 2 priests in his documentary. They both state that capitalism is a sin and it is evil…but doesnt the Bible also state that we have to be fiscally responsible? Doesnt it state not to be in debt? Why yes, it does.

It is almost comical that Moore choose to record African-Americans on the evening that Barack Obama won the Presidential Election. Granted, it is an historical win….but does anyone remember the national news showing an African-American woman stating that, and I quote, “Praise God…now I dont have to pay my mortgage”

Feel entitled to something your not working for much?

So I say to you….and I ask you honestly…..What exactly happens when you dont pay your mortgage? Everything Ive seen tells me that you get evicted, as many are shown to have been.

Im sorry, but as broken as our economic system appears to be…Capitalism seems our best bet for the most important belief of all….FREEDOM