Im going to open todays blog post with the simple fact that I do not understand why Ron Paul will even give Glenn Beck the time of day. Glenn Beck ripped Ron Paul to shreds on his radio show and tv show on CNN before he came to Fox News.

Now that I have that all out of the way….

Glenn Beck speaks to Ron Paul about the Audit the Fed legislation before Congress. This is the furtherest this legislation has ever got (Ron Paul has introduced this bill for at least 2 decades to no avail)

The circle of taxpayer money being circulated is sickening. Many companies (banks mentioned here) are paying back the TARP (re: bailout) money so they can forego restrictions put upon them by the government. Of course, the taxpayer wont see a dime of this repayed money….it will go straight into the FEDs coffers.

Glenn Beck shows the viewing audience a graph…the debt to GDP ratio and yep, our country is definately in the crapper. We are NOT recovering from this recession….I wish the politicians would be honest…Our dollar is sinking and we are not creating jobs.

We can only begin to recover if we get to the bottom of our financial situation. We HAVE to audit the fed….and go from there.