This 99 minute documentary explores the evils that have plagued Hollywood since its inception.

It takes a look at the influence of Aliester Crowley and Anton Lavey as well as the how New Age “religion” is used as a gateway to the occult.

Many Hollywood stars are guilty of brainwashing us into believing that what we see on the screen is “allowed”. Seeing things that are out of the mainstream manipulates our hearts and influences our beliefs. TV and movies are propaganda in more ways than any politician could force on you….just think back to what was viewed when you were younger to see evidence of this.

The greek word for actor is hupokrites – pretty close to hypocrite, isnt it? Well, what else would you call these people? Most of those stars that the public watches do not allow their children to watch tv.

Its shameful to see what qualifies as entertainment these days, but looking back…it is definately evident that we were working towards this garbage the entire time….