So, this past October (10/23 to be exact) I found a video that stated that Al Gore was being sued by 30,000 scientists for global warming fraud.

See video for reminder: Its pretty bad when the founder of the Weather Channel has to sue ya…

So, cut to the present….
Over the weekend the Associated Press, Reuters and the BBC broke a story that hackers have broke in and released emails from scientists concerning global warming/climate change – exposing it as a …..wait for it…..FRAUD! Yep, thats right!

The emails that have been released expose Al Gore as a complete fraud. The scientists were caught faking temperature readings.

Scientist Phil Jones, who is apparently sourced EVERYWHERE up to and including the United Nations has also been caught with his hands in the perverbial cookie jar.

Those beleiving in the global warming/climate change religion have repeatedly ostrasized other scientists that didnt go in lock-step with their fraud. Many scientists have been called “flat-Earthers” among other things and have had their funding dropped. And most of them just wanted it known that it wasnt a consensus of scientists on global warming/climate change.

The hacked emails expose this mess as the fraud that it is….
**Our former Vice-President Al Gore is a liar who is only out to make money in the Global Climate tax scam. (Google Enron for more on that)
**The Copenhagen Treaty MUST be stopped
**The legislation before our elected officials needs to be stopped.

View the 2 videos posted below and alert your Elected officials. We cannot allow taxes like this to be passed.

Part One (5 minutes)
Part Two (7 minutes)

Oh….and before I go….Thank you hackers for exposing the lies! (Big smooches)

And just remember…..Dont beleive the spin!