Video from Larry King Live (Wolf Blitzer interviews family) linked in blog title

Now, I was sitting at home watching cable news yesterday afternoon when the amazing “drama” unfolded. I was riveted to my tv for about 2 hours watching this UFO shaped hot air balloon flying across the Colorado sky.

It was beleived that a 6 year old child was in this balloon until it landed approximately 70 miles from his home. The child, Falcon, was not in the balloon. A search of the areas he flew over as well as a search of his home was conducted. Reports said, police and the family searched the home at least 3 times over, to no avail.

On twitter and facebook, the world prayed that this child did not fall out of the balloon. We hoped he was hiding at his home. Amazingly, he was hiding in a box in the attic of his familys garage.

As the drama unfolded, we were told this family appeared on the show Wife Swap (which I do not watch) Alot of the talk seemed to state that since this family was used to the media, that maybe they were doing it for attention….I withheld opinion.

And now, after seeing this video, it seems like the “haters” were right. This child, who is only 6, couldnt have said it clearer….and then his parents were quick to change the subject.

What does that tell you?