If you werent aware, Rush Limbaugh was part of a group attempting to buy the Rams. What has happened since….can be called a smear campaign.

Even if you dont like the man, or agree with him – look at this fact….How many NFL owners do you like? There are many NFL teams in which the ownership-well…sucks. I can name two teams that I dont particularly like the owners (Redskins and Cowboys)

So, players wont play if he was part of the ownership? Grow up! Well, the damage was done and the group removed him….way to stand up.

How about the fact that many teams have players that have been arrested? You only have to look at the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90s to see some of those stories…what about Vick? This man ran a dog fighting business…he has spent time in jail and was welcomed back to the league with open arms.

So an animal hater can be part of the league, but not a conservative? Isnt this America?