Its as if it never ends….from June until now, Ive been riding this rollercoaster. Normally, I would tell you that I loved rollercoasters, but this one….just isnt fun.

I am counting my blessings because the chemo has halted the damage to my heart…I still have the swelling, but it isnt advancing. I am grateful for that. My kidneys are in a similar situation….no more damage, its running about the same.

However, an issue similar to one I experienced in 2007 as we were selling the house and moving from Baltimore to Carroll County has resurfaced. However, without placing too much blame, the original diagnoses was wrong.

What this was originally diagnosed as was a branchial cleft cyst. This is not so.
This is a growth – a nodule on my thyroid. Im not really a vain person, but having a HUGE lump on your neck can be distracting to say the least….

I still have to speak to those in my family to discuss the various options. Ive sat here to about 3 hours running the conversation thru my mind.

I just ask for prayers.