It has been a rough 2 months for me…this flare is the worst since my diagnoses in 1995. Things have progressively went from bad to worse. (Read previous blogs for those details)

Recently, I have become very fatigued…and things just havent seemed “right” to me. Even with an increase in Prednisone, I was not getting better. My doctors and I became concerned when even after 3 to 4 weeks of 70-80+ mgs of Prednisone hasnt made an impact on this front.

So after half my blood was taken (yes, I know Im exaggerating) and several tests were ran, we found out what the culprit is that has been stealing my energy. First, it seems that my previously diagnosed mitral valve prolapse is…well….I dont know how to exactly explain it, but its getting worse and I now have pericarditis, which is inflammation of the heart tissue. The pericarditis is basically the real culprit of my pleurisy as well as my main energy stealer. I also have some kidney issues, but most of that is spilling of protein. Neither my doctors or myself are “too” concerned about that right now…even tho they will be keeping an eye on things.

So, I went to the doctors to explore my options, which apparently are few…I immediately got a second opinion – and well, basically my only option is to undergo low dose chemo for approximately 4 months. Without speaking to a specialist, they believe I will be on Cyclophosphamide (more than likely RevImmune)

To say that Im not angry and afraid would be a lie.
Ive also been told that if this treatment doesnt work, my only other option is a bone marrow transplant…and as much as I dont want chemo…I certainly do not want to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

All I ask, is that readers of this post say prayers for my doctors, my family and myself. We appreciate them!