This weekend brought much news to me on a personal front. There are some happenings, well, happening that have me looking inward at who I am today.

As with pretty much everyone, I am not the person I was when I was a teenager. (Thank goodness for that) While I am not proud of some of the things done back in those days, I CAN be proud that I do NOT carry myself off the way I used to.

That said, life experience can change a person.
I know that every experience I have had, has a direct bearing on who I am today. Without those experiences, and the pain/happiness from those, I could not form the thoughts that have shaped who Ive become.

Furthermore, I have found it most healing to make amends with those Ive hurt in the past. I have been extremely lucky to have had that opportunity. For those that I may have hurt and havent had a chance to talk with, please send me a message~it is important to have peace and an explanation.