If you read my theory so far, you have a handle on where most of my ideas are going. If you haven’t read my theories, please click on the link in the title.

In preparation of Season 5, I re-watched the Lost series online via http://www.abc.com As I was re-watching, I noticed several additional things that go along with my theory.

Some of my favorite episodes to re-watch are: White Rabbit (casket, caves), Deus Ex Machina (Locke and Boone), Flashes Before Your Eyes (Desmond), The Constant (Desmond), Theres No Place Like Home.

After viewing the first 3 episodes of Season 5, I am confident that my theory is on the right track. Before you read the addendum to my theory, I invite you to watch the following Lost episodes (or look them up via lostpedia): “White Rabbit”, “Deus Ex Machina”, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”, “The Constant”

Be sure to re-watch the first 3 episodes of Season 5 as well. You will notice some of these things yourself.


We find out that yes, the island / Losties were moved in time. They see the island in different times. We certainly find out many things, but there is so much information chunked into these episodes.

Let us focus on some specific things I noticed
• We have now seen Ben’s mother, Clare and Penny deliver their children via natural childbirth and NOTICE THAT NONE OF THEM GIVE BIRTH IN A HOSPITAL.
• Desmond & Penny’s son is named Charlie. Is this Charlie Pace? (Will he travel to the Looking Glass in the past?) Is this Charles Widmore? (I do not like this choice)
• Ellie – Is she Eloise Hawking?
• Is Eloise Hawking Daniel Faraday’s mother?
• Is Teresa Spencer the same Teresa that Boone said fell up the stairs/down the stairs? Did Daniel Faraday experiment with time/mind travel with her and make horrible mistakes? Why was Widmore paying for her care?
• While Im thinking about it, why was Christian paying for Claire’s mothers care?
• Why exactly was Charles Widmore funding Daniel Faradays research?
• There is a lot of mentioning of “tumors” in the series. Rose and Ben, and then Sawyer mentioned a relative who died from a tumor. Juliets sister had cancer. “Jughead” is leaking radiation.
• Speaking of Juliet, she mentions that Latin is “The language of the Enlightened”
• The fact that Juliet remains with the Losties instead of being in time with the other Others, leads me to believe that the tattoo they imprinted on her – keeps her (pardon the expression) “lost”.


I believe that Charles Widmore arrived on the island via the Black Rock. I also believe that the “hostiles” are also those who have arrived via the Black Rock. We have seen Charles Widmore bid on the manifest/ledger. This confirms that thought for me.

I do not think that Widmore turned the frozen donkey wheel to get off the island. I am unsure whether my thought that the temple is the way on/off the island, but I have more confidence that he traveled off the island ala Richard Alpert & Ethan Rom and just couldn’t get the coordinates correct to get back once his “job” was done.

Do you remember Cindy Chandler? She was the flight attendant on Flight 815 (she gave Jack the extra bottle of liquor) and she was a survivor of the Tailsection. While the Tailies were making their way across the island, she disappeared. We later see Cindy with the Others (and the 2 children) when Jack is being held in a cage. Cindy tells Jack that they are there to watch.

I went back to the Season 2 Episode titled, “The OTHER 48 days.” The word watch is used several times in connection with Cindy and the children. We later see Cindy speak to John Locke in “others-camp”. They are heading to the temple. What role do the watchers and the Temple play?

We have had several references to our Tailies since their “demise”. What is most interesting is that other than Cindy & the other Tailies who were taken, there are no Tailies left. (I do not consider Bernard a Tailie – he was only in that section to use the bathroom when the plane crashed.)

Now, have I got a theory for you!!! So, according to the Jughead episode, we are in the 1970s. This got me thinking to something I saw on the ARG (Alternate Reality Game). The Lost producers, Damon & Carlton, have told us that information gained thru the ARG can be considered canon. Just for clarification, I am not talking about the ARG that recently went bust.

Anyway – after thinking about things, I remembered I still had a link to one of the videos-I think after watching, you will notice where Im going.

So, in the late 60s, we had this nuclear issue. The Dharma Iniative / Hanso Foundation are created. We see a bomb on island in the 70s. Can we piece these two things together? Are they related? Does the naming of this bomb have anything to do with the real bomb Jughead during that era?

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_17_nuclear_bomb
Does THAT just blow your mind?

Who believes that Jughead is in The Swan hatch? Daniel even instructed them to dig a hole and fill/cover the thing with lead/concrete. The Swan station was 40 ft down according to Season 2s – “Man of Science, Man of Faith” episode.

Did you know that it takes a satellite 108 minutes to orbit? Well, certain types of satellites…here is a link courtesy of the Utah Education Network

Now, WHAT does that remind you of?
First of all, this is a real project. Its about tracking SWANS. Granted, this is in the US, but still – its called SWAN? Any correlation there?

Is this the motivation behind pushing the button every 108 minutes? Is pushing the button the first step in hiding the island from the outside world? Remember all these choices caused other defenses on the island to break down. For example: the radio tower and The Looking Glass Station.

Keep in mind, that Mikhail had the ability to “communicate” with and view the outside world in the Flame. John Locke blew up the Flame in Season 3s – “Enter 77” episode, effectively destroying the station.

Since I already mentioned the Eloise thing, I wont repeat it here. Read on…

We seem to be finding out that Mrs Hawking not only doesn’t want the past changed, but is “holed” up in the basement of a church, studying the rotation of the Earth.

We see a Foucault pendulum. I feel the need to share that in researching what this contraption is, I found ONE thing most odd. In researching WHERE these pendulums are, there was specific mention regarding experimenting at the South Pole. You should have a flash of your own, if you immediately thought of something. Just a couple words, in case you need to be jogged: two guys, chess, alert. These two things may be related. We have seen the same technology being used. Have we just seen an off-island station?

Is this the 70 hours she was referring to? Is this how much time is left before we are all DOOMED. Is Mrs Hawking a WATCHER?

No theory can be without Des & Pen. I have already said this in my main theory, but I believe that they are Adam & Eve (from the caves). The Jughead episode seemed to clarify this even more.

It seems as if it IS Desmond’s destiny to be on that island. Mrs Hawking told him that much. Everything he is doing, is pointing to him returning to the island. Desmond also seems to try to keep this information from Penny. Penny insists on going with him. A we all know that we are not just talking about California here.

My question is: Is it Penny’s destiny to be with him on the island? Now, I have heard a few others speak to this subject…but no one has mentioned the fact that Penny spent YEARS searching for Desmond. YEARS! ON A BOAT! Remember-her father is Charles Widmore.