In this economy, saving a few dollars on a grocery bill each week, can really help stretch your dollar. This savings adds up over the course of a month/year.

Planning your menu for at least a week out (2 weeks worth of meals) and coordinating with whats on sale at the local grocery store can save on the average, $20 a week. If you combine this savings, with using coupons, you can save about $40 a week. This can save you upwards of $80-160 a month. All you have to do is multiply that those numbers by 12 to get a yearly estimate….($960-1920 a year!)

Now, I dont know about you, but I can really use that money! What can you do with an average of an “extra” $1000 a year?

Some additional hints
I also suggest using AND sticking to your grocery list. NEVER shop when your hungry!