If you have kept up with my blog so far, you have accomplished ALOT! So far, I introduced you to computer housekeeping-I hope to revisit this subject and educate you on some additional computer topics. We have also organized our bedroom and kitchen. Not too shabby for one month!

In order for your house to get and stay in order, you have to establish a routine that will work for you.

Here are some tips that might help you out:

– Make sure you open your mail in the area you pay, file, shred, recycle. Toss recyclable junk mail, shred identifable mail/files at least once a week.

– Make sure you shred old bills, once you receive the new one and it has properly credited your last payment.

– Make sure you schedule a virus scan at least once a week.

– Make sure you organize your Favorite links as you are saving them. Go thru your Favorites once a month to ensure that your links are current.

– Defrag your computer at least once a week. Schedule this if you tend to forget.

– Make sure you put your clothes away after you are done laundry.

– If you add something to your dresser or closet, make sure you get rid of 1 or 2 older items.

– Wipe your fridge, microwave, and toaster daily-if you do this when you are doing dishes, its easy to get this to be a habit.

– Vacuum the coils and under the fridge to help with the “maintenance” of this appliance.

– Circle expiration dates to ensure freshness.

I hope you stay tuned for February’s topic: Small Savings.
I will be suggesting some ideas that will help you save money. Some of these ideas do not require much in order to save alot over the course of a month-or even a year!