Today, we will be concentrating on our kitchen drawers. This project tends to be time consuming because many of us stick things that do not belong in our kitchen drawers. It is my hope that you will change those habits, making this “chore” quicker and easier.

As is always the case, we start by emptying out the kitchen drawers. Once we have emptied them, we can clean them out. I like to vacuum the drawers before I start wiping things down. This way, I dont have to keep rinsing off the sponge or rag because crumbs are on it.

Once you have emptied and cleaned out the drawers, we can begin to go thru the items that were in the cabinets. The first thing we ALWAYS need to do is to throw away anything that has expired.

I find that the easiest way to plan how you will layout your kitchen – whether its the cabinets, drawers, fridge is to see how much room you have, AND then see what you have and how you work in that area….

I find that most kitchens use their drawers for: silverware, saran wrap/aluminum foil etc, assorted loose utensils…and then most people have a “junk” drawer.

Once you have sorted thru everything you took out of your drawers, you will see where your needs truly are.

Since I did mention that almost everyone I know has a “junk” drawer…I want to propose that you do not include this space in your kitchen. You should find places for these items-and if there has been something lingering in your junk drawer, and you havent used it within the past year-GET RID OF IT!!!