My latest goal with my blog is to use each Sunday to blog about Being Thankful / Sharing your Blessings. Because of the current economic environment, I thought this would be something that I would really have to work at finding. So far, this has not been the case.

At work, I am thankful that I did not find any mistakes when reviewing all end of year financials…and I was able to complete all the tax reports and w2s! So – it was a very productive week.

So yesterday (Saturday) I am sitting in my office, just lurking on facebook, when WRBS DJ, Mike Alley announces a contest for a pair of tickets to the Chris Tomlin show. So, I respond and actually win! So exciting! I went from having no plans last night, to attending a fantastic concert.

Heres a recap of the evening:
We arrived at the Baltimore Arena right around 6 and headed to will call to pick up the tickets. We got into the venue and went straight to our seats….FRONT ROW!!!

We met Renee and her daughter, who also won tickets that afternoon. They won the seats right next to us!

During the intermission period, Mike Alley came over and we were able to get a picture with him. He must have went over to where the RBS crew was because right after, Erin Branham came over! I was able to get a photo with her as well.

And then….the lights went dim—and Chris Tomlin took to the stage. Chris did an amazing set and really got the crowd into it. Not to take away from Chris’ performance, but I was really impressed with his guitarist….(gotta find out his name). The energy levels of both Israel & the New Breed and Chris Tomlin was amazing.

I brought Frank to this concert. He is not really someone who listens to this genre of music-he prefers hard rock. Part of me wondered how we would process the evening. It is worth noting that he enjoyed this concert. I wont embarass him but I will say he was uplifted by this experience.