So you have spent a couple of days going thru your closet…getting rid of things you dont like, things that dont fit, or things that are damaged. If you go and take another look in your closet, you should smile and be proud of the accomplishment.

So now that you have done this awesome thing…how can we keep from allowing our closets get back into that state?

As with everything else, you have to change the way you deal with your clothes.

Are you a compulsive shopper? If so, ask yourself- Why do you purchase things that you do not have a place for in your home?

Do you hate putting away your clothes? In order to keep your closet organized, you must put things away, like it or not.

If you can, do laundry twice a week. Doing your laundry twice a week ensures that each load placed in the washer is a full load. This not only saves on your overall load amount, but time and money.

If you have a larger family, you may not be able to cut your loads in this way. Alternates could include sharing this responsibility.

After your done washing and drying your clothes, you must fold or hang them. You are not done yet. You must complete the task and put these clothes away.

The easiest system is to fold and organize into piles by person.

If your children are old enough, they should learn how to put their own clothes away. And Im not talking about shoving them into a drawer. There are videos online that you can show to your children, instructing them on how to fold their clothes to fit them into their dresser drawers.

You may find that doing laundry and putting away your clothes is a much more enjoyable chore now that things have their own place.

Once the task is truly done, and all the laundry has been cleaned and put away…give yourself a hand. Look around and enjoy.