Yesterday, we emptied our closet and went thru our clothes. We will be handling the organization of our shoe collection in a similar manner.

First, we need our work area. Second, we need to gather our shoes in one area.

As with our clothes, there are some guidelines about how to decide whether or not to keep various pairs of shoes. Believe it or not, we are just as attached to our shoes!

This process again involves going thru each item and making one of 3 choices. (keep, donate/sell, trash)

Some general guidelines for purging shoes:
* If you cannot locate one it can be tossed
* If the shoes are damaged/broken heel they can be tossed
* If the shoes do not fit (try them on to be sure) donate them
* If you have not worn the shoes within at least the last year, donate them
* If you do not like the way the shoes feel on you, donate them

Make sure that you absolutely love each pair you keep. There is no sense in being uncomfortable or having shoes you cant wear taking up your space.

Now, I like to group like-type pairs together….all my dressy shoes, casual type shoes…that is up to you. I find it makes what I want to find easier.

Now put your shoes away!

Dont forget to bag up or box the shoes you will be donating. Like yesterday-make plans to get this clutter out of your house THIS week!

The shoes you have to toss, make sure you toss them.
Finally, take a look in your newly organized closet. Take a deep breath! You are almost done!

Tomorrow we will wrap up closet organizing as well as finalizing our paperwork project. Be sure to check back for tips on how to keep your closet maintained.