I hope that you found the time to go thru your dresser last night. Sometimes, we get so involved in tv (myself included) that we do not do the little things that can help us get uncluttered and organized.

I find that on the days there are shows I like to watch (and I keep that to a minimum as well) I do smaller things during commercial breaks. You would be surprised to find out that alot can be accomplished during those 2 minute breaks!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

So we now have various piles of clothes…hopefully you kept each drawer pretty much in their own area. I always suggest this tip because its easier to re-organize each drawer when you know how much space was taken up in each one before purging.

Of course, it also helps when reconstructing where everything will be put back away too!

SO basically-what you have to do is decide if you will be keeping your items in the same dresser drawers or readjusting things if you have purged alot. Hopefully, you have purged the clothes you dont like, are ripped, or just dont wear and have a bunch of empty space.

If you have purged and have a bunch of empty space, you should NOT buy anything to fill those spaces! (Of course, if you went thru your sock drawer to find your toes were “hungrier” than you remembered, then-by all means-get more socks!)

Good luck putting everything away, and I hope you find some empty space!