Yes, today is Monday AND it is a wonderful day to get your dresser in order! I love to have an organized dresser.

For the most part, my dresser gets the LEAST messed up, but once or twice a year-I gotta thru it. So, the next two days are devoted to this project.

We will be doing this project in three steps: Empty, Purge, Organize
Tonight we will be focusing on emptying and purging.

The first thing we need to do, is to select a space to empty out all of the drawers. Once you have selected the space you will be working in, you just need to put everything from your dresser in that space.

I like to keep each drawer in as separate an area as possible. This helps once we are re-organizing.

Once you have everything that was inside your dresser in that area, we are ready to purge. Many people are afraid to purge their clothes. This is mostly because our clothes are personal for us. There are some “guidelines” to follow when purging that will help you deal with this process.

* If you have item that is damaged, (i.e. ripped) toss it.
* If you havent worn an item of clothing in a year, donate it.
* If an item does not fit, donate it.

I also like to go thru and donate “doubles/triples”. These are items that we loved so much, we had to get them in various colors or sizes. Many times, these items are forgotten about, so it is best to donate them to someone who can and will use them.

NOTE: You can also decide to sell your extra items, however-I beleive that in order to truly purge, these items need to be out of the way. If you do decide to “store” items for a later sale-try to place them in bins out of your living space. And PLEASE remember to sell them!