Whether we are at work or maintaining our homes, we need to get a handle on our paperwork. It can quickly get out of control. For some of you, this past week has “undone” some of the purging done….for others-you have started your system and are getting the “kinks” worked out.

Which ever one is the case, we now have to get a more permanent filing system than piles or boxes. Below is a simple list-a starting point for those just getting a filing system in place. I will be going into detail Friday on what to do with these items, so check back to see just how we will turn these piles into an easy to use filing system.

Various manilla folders – Some people like to categorize each person by color. I find that once you run out of that color-that persons files seem to never get around to being filed. I simplify by using the regular folders.

Pocket folders – These folders are great to hold items that tend to be lost in a filing cabinet due to falling out of a file folder. I also like to use them for instruction manuals.

Labels / Label maker – While I do like to see everything wonderful, a label maker is not necessary. If hand printing labels, please print clearly and legibly.

“Rubbermaid” file totes – This is a great start to organizing files. This is also a great way to keep files on hand for your college-student.

File Cabinet – Clearly, if you have alot of files or desire a more permanent storage solution, a file cabinet is the way to go. A good suggestion is to purge your files before you go file cabinet shopping. You may find you do not need as much room as you thought.

Hopefully after Friday, you will think this is the easiest filing system you have ever been introduced to. Bottom line: an easy filing system is one you will use.